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Tooting the pep band’s horn

The following letter was received by RMU band director Betsy Charles. It is reprinted here with the author’s permission:

Dear Robert Morris Pep Band,
I am the Public Relations Chair in the Creighton University Pep Band, and I wanted to congratulate you, on behalf of our Pep Band, on your performance today in the NCAA Tournament.

First of all, you sounded and looked great on TV. You are one of the few bands we’ve seen that totally pull off the hockey-sweater look.

More importantly though, congratulations on the Colonials’ gutsy performance in Providence today. It is certainly no consolation for the heartbreaking loss you endured today. Everything we’ve seen on Twitter says your band was completely into the game, and responsible for a lot of the noise from the RMU side of the arena. I assure you, the Creighton Pep Band can relate to the anguish you must feel after the emotional loss, and we applaud you for the spirit you showed today, in the face of adversity.

We appreciate pep bands who, like us, get involved in the game for reasons other than extended travel. We appreciate the mid-major pep bands who, like us, put in innumerable hours of work, and make do with limited resources. Thank you for showing the nation today what great pep bands do. Keep up the good work!

Go Bluejays, and go Colonials,

Patrick Murray
Public Relations Chair
Creighton University Pep Band
“Our Might to the Fight We Will Lend”

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