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Robert Morris Rides to D.C. – Day 5

The following is a post by Valentine Brkich, RMU senior writer, who along with 27 other RMU staff members, students, alumni, and friends, is taking part in a 300-mile bike ride from Pittsburgh to Washington, D.C. Over the past four days, leading up to and in honor of Memorial Day, Val has been writing about each stop along the way and its connection to the Civil War, which began 150 years ago. This is the final day of their journey. Watch this week for more posts/photos/video about the ride…

Harper’s Ferry (W. Va.) to Washington, D.C.

We did it! We actually made it to Washington, D.C., five days and 300+ miles after hitting the Montour Trail in Boston, Pa. I have to admit, at times I thought the trail would never end. But it did, and boy, are my legs happy.

Later on this week I’ll be posting some great stories about the people who joined me in this adventure. I’ll also be sharing some photos and video from the ride. Stay tuned…

One last thing…I’d like to personally thank RMU’s Wellness Committee for funding our bus ride back to Pittsburgh. Otherwise it would have been a looooong ride home (342.08 miles, to be exact).

In the meantime, if anyone needs me, I’ll be sitting on a bag of frozen peas.

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