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MTV’s “Made” Visits RMU

“An ugly duckling transforms into a beautiful prom queen. An overweight couch potato becomes a model. A sci-fi nerd morphs into a hardcore rapper. See, dreams really do come true — on MADE!” (

Jamar Cromwell Little checks in for his "Made" interview

MTV’s hit show, “Made“, is on the Robert Morris University campus today to interview students looking for a transformational experience. Each episode of “Made” follows one individual as they embark on a journey to become something they’ve always dreamed of being–a cheerleader, a BMX bike pro, a fashion diva, etc.

Amber Hopkins and Andrea Zanaglio

Andrea Zanaglio, a sophomore journalism major, is hoping to be “made” into an actress. “I’m really looking to break into the entertainment industry,” says Andrea, who’s currently interning at Mosser Casting in Pittsburgh. “Acting is something I’ve always wanted to do. This summer I did some extra work in the movies that were filmed in Pittsburgh, and it was really fun working on the set.”

Amber Hopkins, a junior sport management major, has dreams of being a model. “I want to gain more self-confidence and be more outgoing, and I think that would help,” she says.”

Jamar Cromwell Little, who has his bachelor’s degree in competitive intelligence systems from RMU and is currently pursuing his M.S. in information security assurance, has dreams of playing football on Sundays. “It went well, he really liked me a lot,” says Jamar of his MTV interview. “I was the first guy, so I was the guinea pig for the lighting and how the camera’s gonna work, so it might be a little rough.”

Jamar, who tasted fame recently in Foundations Magazine, says that he’s just looking for an opportunity. “Any tryout…CFL, whatever. I’m just looking for a shot.”

Written by Valentine J. Brkich

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