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Getting a Head Start on His Future

Most kids come to college hoping to find a good job after graduation. Mike Boylan found one as a freshman.

As a participant in Robert Morris University’s Cooperative Education Program, Boylan, a senior computer and information systems major, serves on RMU’s IT staff as a member of the Enterprise Server Systems team. In this role, he manages most of the Macs on campus as well as the university’s phone system.

“I’ve always wanted to work at the crossroads of technology and education,” he says. “RMU has already put me well on my way to fulfilling this goal.”

Boylan, a Pittsburgh native, served as a Mac specialist for Fox Chapel Area High School’s IT department while he was still a student. In a chance meeting at an Apple-sponsored event, his high school boss had lunch with his current manager at RMU, who mentioned that the university was in need someone with a Mac background. Boylan applied for the job as a freshman, and has been working in the department ever since.

In this position, Boylan has performed many valuable services for the university, including setting up a secure web portal for the members of RMU’s Board of Trustees. He also helped President Gregory G. Dell’Omo switch from a PC to a Mac and aided in the university’s transition to Google Apps, providing training and professional development for faculty.

Boylan is an RMU Presidential Scholar and President of the Student Information Technology Advisory Council. He’s also participating in one of RMU’s integrated offerings and will be starting his master’s in competitive intelligence systems this fall.

Back in January he spoke at the international Macworld MacIT Conference in San Francisco on time-saving modular methods for imaging for Mac lab managers and Mac system administrators. In March, he spoke again on a roundtable at Penn State University’s MacAdmins Conference.

More recently, he was invited to write for, which for over 10 years now has been the leading site for authoritative knowledge on Macs in large-scale organizations.  (Read Boylan’s article, “Understanding InstallESD.dmg, Recovery HD, and Lion Internet Recovery)

“It’s a privilege to be considered an authoritative voice on a subject at such a young age,” he says. “I love speaking and sharing my knowledge with others whenever possible.”

Written by Valentine J. Brkich


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