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Who’s That Girl Who’s Always at the Gym?

Rachel Calhoun at the beachWhen she isn’t working on one of her graphic design projects, odds are Rachel Calhoun can be found at the gym, teaching high-intensity Zumba or the soothing poses of hot yoga.

Rachel, a media arts major who’s entering her final year at Robert Morris, has always been a fitness fanatic. She realized immediately after attending classes that Zumba seemed like a fun workout…without even realizing you are working out! From that point on, Rachel decided she wanted to teach others and help them better themselves, while having a good time, of course.

Rachel teaches Zumba three days a week at RMU’s Jefferson Center gym. She has a committed group of followers that attend most every class and welcomes any newcomers to join in.

“The more the merrier!” says Rachel. “We have a great time during Zumba. I want to pass on what I have learned to help others become physically fit and feel great after a workout.”

Although she has a passion for Zumba, recently Rachel became certified to teach yoga. On the opposite end of the spectrum, yoga is soothing and calming after a long day. She decided to start in an effort to loosen the joints and muscles after Zumba.

“Zumba was rough on my hips and I needed something to help me to lessen the aches,” she said. “A lot of people think it is too fast-paced and that yoga is a better option.”

Rachel teaches hot yoga every Monday and Wednesday at the gym. During class, the room is set to a high temperature, which causes the body to sweat and, in turn, release toxins and cleanse.

So, if Zumba and yoga are two totally different types of workout, which does Rachel prefer?

“If I had a really long day, I would rather teach hot yoga,” she says. “But, if I am full of energy, then it’s Zumba all the way!”

Who knows what hobby Rachel will pick up next, but she hopes to continue to learn more about fitness and how to help others.

“That’s what it’s all about. Helping others gives me the most satisfaction.”

At the end of each yoga class, Rachel ends with the word “Namaste,” meaning “peace” and “I bow to you.”

Next time you see Rachel on campus, ask her about her classes. She is happy to help in any way she can.

And with that, I leave you with…

Namaste. ~

Written by Cori Katich

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  1. Looks like Rachel has found a great passion…helping people and staying fit while doing it. And she seems to have found a nice balance with Zumba for the more energetic workout and Yoga to relax. Balance is one of the secrets of a long and full life.

    July 30, 2013
  2. we need more yoga teachers! My girlfriend is a yoga instructor at CorePower and she loves it. Keep it up, Rachel!

    July 31, 2013

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