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Alumni Profile: Jason Kobeda ’07

Jason KobedaCurrent Position: Ballpark Maintenance Manager for the Pittsburgh Pirates
Degree: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration; Sport Management Concentration

What were the best aspects of your RMU experience?
I have very fond memories of my time at RMU. The people and the education were what you would expect from a first-class institution. Being in the sports management department is not like other curriculums. It is a fraternity of people who know they’re entering a demanding and competitive environment. The professors were always available to give advice and continue to be friends of mine six years after graduating.

Why did you choose RMU?
I chose RMU because of the number of distinguished alumni their sports management program produced. I spoke with Kevin Colbert at Steelers training camp and he recommended that I meet with Dr. Dave Synowka. Seeing what an endorsement that is, I set up a meeting and he sold me on the program.

How long have you known you wanted to work in the sports industry?
Since I was about 19. At that point I was working toward a more typical career in engineering, but decided to be more aggressive in pursuing my dreams. I studied editorial journalism hoping to make it as a sports writer, but as I became more familiar with that industry, I realized I wanted to be in the sport, not writing about it. I am in my second season with the Pirates, which is my first job in baseball. I spent time interning or working part-time for three NFL teams, then worked on the sports business side of city government, and now MLB.

Were you involved with any activities/groups at RMU?
Not as many as I should’ve been. I was with the Sport Management Association briefly, but couldn’t stay because of work commitments. I held five different internships during my time at RMU, which took a lot of my time. I helped where I could as a student equipment manager and with certain activities like the Susan Hofacre 5k. I am now a member of the alumni group and speak annually at the conference.

Interview by Corinne Katich

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