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Teacher, Blogger, Mama, Foodie, Fashionista – Angelique Lorence ’05

AngeliqueHometown: Pittsburgh, PA (Peters Township)
RMU Degree: Elementary Education, 2005
Occupation: Web columnist, blogger (, and stay-at-home mama

What’s it like being the only woman/girl in the house?
Ha-ha! It’s the coolest feeling in the world! I am definitely the queen of the house and I love all of the attention I get from my guys. (Both big and small!) They do a great job of making me feel so special and so needed. Admittedly, I could do without all of the burping, farting, noise-making, silliness each day, but I wouldn’t trade this for the world. Being the only female in the house is a pretty special thing.

What’s the toughest part about raising three boys?
Every thing is tough about raising boys!  haha  Right now, I wish I knew the proper terminology for car parts, tools, machinery, etc… My days consist of me saying, ‘We need to look that up.’ or ‘Ask your daddy when he comes home.’ and that’s tough.  And keeping 3 boys alive?  That’s tough.  And keeping boys busy so they don’t get into trouble?  That’s tough too.  Boys don’t sit either.  Ever.  That’s tough.  I don’t know anything different though so I’m just working my through it and Starbucks loves me!

How have you benefited from earning your teaching certificate?
Before I found out that we were expecting, I was a substitute teacher in Mt. Lebanon School District. About halfway through my first pregnancy, I became a stay-at-home mom. Now I like to think I use my certification on my kids daily. Everywhere I go with our boys, everything we do together, I’m teaching. At least I try. I may not have a classroom full of students, but I like to think I teach our boys something new every day. Today we played Alphabet Bingo, and I sat them in front of me with their little boards on the floor. For a moment, I was taken back and reminiscing, telling my students, “OK…I’ll wait until you’re quiet and then we’ll begin. Raise your hand when you’re ready.” It totally worked.

How did you get into blogging?
I would always write about my boys’ antics and whatnot on Facebook. I think my status updates made others laugh. And feel bad for me. And laugh again. And other mamas could relate too! People would send me emails and private messages saying how hilarious my stories are and how I should start a blog. I considered it, and then, one day, I decided to jump in!

What do you like best about it?
My readers. They constantly remind me that I’m not alone in what I’m going through. They encourage me, uplift me, support me. I just adore them. I love when they chat with me, “like” my stories, share my posts, pin my stuff…etc. I love them. This group of women (and men) who I’ve never met face-to-face but who I feel like I just KNOW.  I wish I could meet them in person. Maybe one day!

Would you consider yourself a fashionista?
Ha! Sure! I like “girly things” (i.e., clothes, shoes, purses, jewelry, makeup) and I like to show that side of me. My style has changed so much since becoming a mom, so I like to show other moms that you can still run around with three little kids and look cute too.

You write about food, too. What’s your favorite meal to make?
Anything Italian! My vegetable lasagna recipe (just recently posted on the blog) is a favorite of ours. I also love to cook Mexican food. Picking just one favorite is too hard.  I love to cook and love when my family enjoys the meals I make.

What types of opportunities has your blogging brought you?
So many cool opportunities! Blogging has given me the opportunity to receive and review tons of great products, meet awesome people, and have a weekly spot in the Observer Reporter. I was asked to speak for different mom groups and to host an event at the new Pittsburgh La-Z-Boy store. THIS article!

What was your RMU experience like?
A crazy awesome whirlwind! I changed my major maybe 79 times but followed my heart and my passion and was supported the whole way through by the faculty and staff. I absolutely loved being at Robert Morris. I loved the overall size of the school, the classes, the teachers, my sorority…the whole experience was awesome.

What groups/activities did you take part in?
I held different positions in the Zeta Tau Alpha sorority. I did other activities through my major but honestly can’t remember the details. I feel like that was so long ago! In fact, what day is it? “Mom brain” is a real thing!

What do you think is RMU’s best aspect?
Class sizes. I was never a number and I was never lost. I always had a name and a relationship with my professors.

What’s the best advice you can give to new moms?
DO WHAT’S BEST FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY. Don’t judge another mama. She may not do what you do, how you do it, or when you do it, but it works for her just like whatever it is you are doing works for you. We mamas need to support each other more. Stick together. Accept each other. As long as you are doing what works for you and your kiddos, you’re doing good!

Interview by Valentine J. Brkich

Follow Angelique online:
Twitter: @thepiggytoes

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