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Creepy Conference

CreepyVampires…werewolves…zombies…oh, my!

Just in time for Halloween, it’s the sixth annual Creepy Conference, October 29 from 7-9 p.m. in Sewall Center. Join us for this opportunity to explore some bloody and gruesome topics.

The Creepy Conference started when the English department realized how many Robert Morris students and faculty are interested in the macabre. In years past, the conference included presentations on how to make “supernatural” photos, dramatic readings of scary short stories, informative talks about whether ESP exists, how to make a zombie, and much more.

“Students can draw on their own creative work, class work on a Gothic text or topic, or other interests,” said Sylvia Pamboukian, Ph.D., associate professor of English studies. “We’ve had participation from a variety of majors and from every school in the university.”

If you are interested in presenting a creepy topic, submit a one-page description of your proposed talk by October 4. Creative writing and artwork is welcome. The three best submissions will receive S.E.T. credit. Submissions can be sent to Dr. Pamboukian at

Written by Corinne Katich

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