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Staying Connected – RMU Homecoming 2013 and Alumni Gatherings

WarnerGreetings Alums,

What a wonderful time of year in western PA! Here on campus we are getting psyched for THE BIG GAME versus cross-town rival Duquesne, as well as all the other exciting activities at Homecoming 2013 on Saturday, October 19. We’d really love to see you here. Don’t forget to let us know you’re coming back—register online today!

I also wanted to let you know about some of your former classmates who have been attending recent RMU alumni events. In case you didn’t know, we hold several events each year in and around the Pittsburgh area, as well as in other cities like Cleveland, Erie, Philadelphia, Washington (D.C.), Harrisburg, Tampa, and Orlando, to name a few.

Here are a few highlights:

  • Back in September, we hosted a happy hour networking reception for 50 alumni and friends at Harry Buffalo’s restaurant just before the Cleveland Indians game where they clinched the wild card. Laura Murray C’94, RMU’s second all-time women’s basketball scorer, was there, and she got to reconnect with her old friend Phillip Bryan C’85 from Akron. The two of them hadn’t seen each other in over 20 years, even though they live less than half an hour from each other! Former track teammates Courtney Heil C’96 and Hadie Bartholomew C’98, and former football players Greg McBride C’99 and Jack Whaley C’99, were there, too. It was really a great time.
  • We recently held a Pittsburgh downtown networking lunch at Easy Street’s in Oxford Center. BNY Mellon was well-represented by employees and RMU alums Sharon Genser C’88, Holly Diamond C’97Jennifer Walker C’97, and Robert Stampfle C’04Anne Scully C’75Kenneth Presutti C’04Douglas Beassock C’06, and Mary Kapetanovich-Warren C’85, all from PNC, were there, too.
  • Our western area/Robinson lunch at Ditka’s restaurant attracted Colonial Couples Dave C’08 and Kate Toole C’08 and coworkers Jon Feyen C’10,Jamie Dwyer C’13, and Brian Lang C’01 from Hill, Bart & Kelly LLC in Wexford.
  •  The Greek Alumni luncheon held at the Pittsburgh Grille turned into a mini reunion for a group of graduates from the classes of 1983 and 1984, such as Pamela Horvitz C’83Denise Rickenbrode C’83Lisa Ciaccia C’84Jill Palmer C’84, and Bernard Bernie Horvitz C’84. In total we had about 20 or so alumni in attendance.

We’d really love to see you and help you reconnect with your old friends and classmates. So if you hear of an RMU Alumni gathering in your neck of the woods, please do your best to join us. For a complete listing of events, visit the RMU Alumni Events Calendar.

Hey, you never know who you might run into!

—Warner Johnson, RMU Alumni Director

Don’t forget: Register for Homecoming 2013 today at


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