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RMU Student Profile – Gary Horstmann

Gary Horstmann1

YEAR: Senior
MAJOR: Media Arts
INTERNSHIPS: International Images Ltd.
AWARDS: Franklin Award of Excellence, Graphic Arts Association (April 2013); RMU Graphic Design Award (March 2013)

I was born in Inglewood, CA, but I’ve lived in Pittsburgh since kindergarten.

I belong to the Gallery Club, Photo Club, and RMU’s AIGA Student Group.

I chose RMU for two reasons: one, to be close to my family in Moon; two, schools that offer my degree are limited and expensive. Robert Morris was the perfect fit for me.

I hope to rid the world of thoughtless design!

I took part in the 2012 Ireland trip, which inspired me to go to Japan on my own. I also went on the Navajo Nation trip in 2013, which was amazing. Few people get to perform the service and become invested in a culture like we did with the Navajo.

The faculty members of the Media Arts program have experience beyond the lessons. Their views into the real world helped keep me focused on my goals and on the right path for me.

I really must take my hat off to Jim Vincent. I met him in Ireland during our trip, and I’ve been a fan ever since. Jim has a way of just looking at a human being, seeing beyond their first impressions, and knowing what’s at that person’s core. He makes you feel instantly accepted and justified in who you are and who you wish to be.

The more I became involved on campus, the more my Student Engagement Transcript credit filled up. Seeing this activity altogether on one transcript that helps you outside of college really inspired me to get involved.

The one thing I stress to students throughout their life at RMU is to get out of the classroom and start engaging in your field. If you start surrounding yourself with what you wish to be, you will slowly find yourself becoming what you’ve always wanted. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. It’s through our failures when we learn the most.

(Some of Gary’s travel photography)
Horstmann_Navajo nation
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