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La Mia Strada – My Road

ImageBack in 2012, Michael A. DiLauro, director of RMU’s Academic Media Center, debuted La Mia Strada, a feature-length documentary sharing his “personal perspective on ethnicity and culture as it links ancient and contemporary Italian culture with its Italian-American counterpart.” Through years of conducting dozens of interviews, exploring historical sites, sifting through archeological artifacts, digging through family photographs, and immersing himself in the music, poetry, and oral histories of the Abruzzo, Molise, and Puglia regions, DiLauro created an amazing film and commentary on the fragile the bonds that span an ocean and connect a family from generation to generation.

DiLauro, who earned an M.F.A. in film studies at Ohio University and completed the Master Directing program at the prestigious Maine Cinema Workshops, has received five regional Emmy’s for his work, as well as a Blue Ribbon at the American Film Festival, several ADDY awards, and the Gabriel award for outstanding television programming. His feature documentary film, “Prisoners Among Us: Italian American Identity and WWII“, was awarded the Grand Jury Prize for Best Documentary at the New York International Independent Film Festival.

La Mia Strada has been screened at the Palestrina Film Festival in Italy, Atlantic City Film Festival and was awarded a Silver Medal from the Media Communications Association-International Film Festival along with several cultural centers and universities throughout the United States. Already this year it was screened at the University of Dayton and Miami University (Oxford, Ohio).

(Trailer for “La Mia Strada”)

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